Making Goat Cheese- out of necessity, guilty pleasure or pure curiosity.

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IMG_9105Finding goats milk can be the most complicated part of the process.

Boil milk (180degreesF); add lemon or lime juice (fresh is best), wait and let it curdle. You can stir it gently a bit to encourage it.


When your curdles have sufficiently formed, spoon it into cheese cloth above a sieve, letting the whey drip out into a bowl.


Squeeze the cloth gently and then be patient for the excess liquid to drain out. The longer you wait the drier your cheese will be. I have come to prefer a bit more creamy and wet so I am sure to leave a little liquid.


Then add spices (dried or fresh herbs, minced garlic, salt; really anything your heart desires.) Dill are my favorite this week.

Fold them in gently. When you are ready place it in the fridge (ideally in a glass container with top. As it cools it will harden a bit. Then serve on anything, even a spoon. Enjoy and experiment.