Finding YOUR people

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IMG_3060I have been all around the world and in each place I have met remarkable, beautiful, inspiring people. Most of the people I have fallen in love with (in a sense) are living unlikely lives, living adventures and doing meaningful work (either personally or professionally). These are the things that I love about them. These are the things that draw me to them.

I am not a particularly “normal” person and so I am drawn to the other un-normal. But it can be hard to find them. Especially when living a sort of normal life (renting an apt, working a job, walking a dog, owning a car, etc.) But finding MY people where ever I am is a goal and makes for meaningful connections. It is so rewarding when I encounter ONE OF MY PEOPLE.

I have been particularly fortunate to find so many of MY people. May they be romantic partners, friends, students, teachers, journey-men, or compatriots.  It is fulfilling to find like-minded friends in this wide world. I am blessed to have known so many of them, but as I am often moving, I am meeting, friend-ing and saying goodbye (sometimes all in the same breath.) This is the nature of the relationships with my kind of people (because so many of us are nomadic or transient.) So as I move through this life, it is reassuring to know that there are so many of us to be found. I wish to send gratitude  to all my people (past, present and future). To all my students and all my teachers in this life… and to all my compatriots that have shared part of this journey with me. To all people who are on, or making their own path.

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