A step in the right direction

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Radio silence can signify several things. In my case this most recent silent patch signified gestation. I was inspired and started on a path to learn more about food. I have been doing so, more than writing about it. The minute details of the life in between are insignificant for my purpose. But now, a few months later I have set myself on a path much more personal and private than I originally intended, but exactly what I needed.

I have quit my job after five years, I have moved out of my apartment that gave me joy given away half I own, stored the rest, left my pets at a local farm where they will be cared for and occupied by a country of fleas and ticks, and I have packed my little car and driven from one end of Colombia to the other.

I have moved into an ashram in the hills surrounding Cali, a vibrant city in southern Colombia that has a large community of people living alternative lifestyles (natural food, vegans, Hare Krishnas and “Hippies” of all varieties. I will be here for several months, living and eating a pure lifestyle. Practicing meditation, devotion, chanting and yoga. Doing Seva, devotional meditative service in the garden and in the kitchen and may even paint a few murals.

I am studying Spanish, salsa, yoga and a spiritual path that has risen up to great me. Where this will take me, I am not yet sure. But I am sure that this is the place I should be and that many lessons await me. Learning about food, eating, gardening, permaculture, purification and alignment of all things is in my future. Learning how to be in my body, to be comfortable in my body and to grow in strength and openness lies ahead.

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