Old-School Insurgent Revolution of Pre-Technology Stuff:

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Screen shot 2012-06-17 at 6.13.29 PMI am all for an old-school insurgent revolution of pre-technology stuff:(rocking chairs, candles, story time, stars, letters, horses… etc) 

Help me make a list:
Pez dispensers
Dutch ovens and wood burning stoves! Gardens where you grow your own food.
Tea kettles.
I am loving this list… bring it on: barter system, water wheels… your turn. 

Rhetorical questions are some of my favorite kinds of questions.
Growing your own food in your own beautiful garden. Walking to the next village. Having to go outside at night to pee – wow, so many stars.
Penmanship. Making music and dancing for entertainment. I think I like this list…
Oh I like this game. Oil lamps. Wind-up clocks. River baths. Laundry lines. Library card catalogs.

Toys carved from wood, or animals sewn by hand, filled with beans,
Gramophones, brownies made from scratch, sugar houses, goats milk, honeycomb, daguerreotypes. handmade soap, homemade cheese, homemade anything… Just so stories, fireplaces, rope swings, bonfires, ghost stories, “snowflakes that fall on the nose and eyelashes, silver white winters that melt into spring”, and garden fresh veggies/flowers (salads that are still warm from the sun… (it has been said before and by many, but just maybe b/c it is the best thing ever)). and keep it coming folks. 

Postcards, Sunday morning walks, afternoon tea, croquet games, (old things, french things and things that are hard to spell.) red wine serves in glass jars, mud between my toes, fireflies, Indian summer, hammocks, nap time, alone time snuggles- definitely snuggles.

Patchwork quilts. and the care, love and time it takes to make one. 

First dates, last looks, sock hops, jukeboxes, Polaroid pictures. door knockers, town squares, farmers markets, root cellars, hand-me-downs, family heirlooms, companion planting & intercropping, natural/herbal remedies, forgiveness, shadow-play and graveyards. cast iron, thunderstorms and snowfall, sunshine and drizzle … and making list, man do I like making lists.
Ring pops,
ancient ruins, claw-foot tubs, cast iron sinks. 

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