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So far this looks like a cooking blog. Luscious (hopefully) pictures of step by step … experiments in cooking and eating. While cooking is the thing I do most often, it is not my only focus. Perhaps this week it is the most easily documented and measured, but is by no means an accurate measure of internal processes.

I have been waiting a long time for all the gears to line up just right. Thousands of simultaneous moving parts. all clicking along. Like a clock. My life. My love. of all things. tick, tick, tick. and then, CLICK, Cla-chunck, and the bells and whistles go off (not all at once, but slowly and progressively and now continuously.

So day by day, conversation by conversation, the vision gets clearer.  Maybe cooking daily, consciously is part of that. No maybe, surely. After a long week- an incredible week of hard work, living with intention, chance encounters and glorious triumph (in the form of the inauguration of my first solo photo show), exhausted, I return home.  A quick stop to the local fruit and veggie market (with the equivalent of $10 USD) and all that I can carry fuels me even in this most empty, tired, fog of a friday afternoon.

So the magic begins where I transform plants into meals.  Soup is the order of the day and the menu all weekend. One hot. On cold.


So this is what I started with.



IMG_9344This is what I did to it.

IMG_9323A quick visit from my supervision to make sure everything is well under control.

IMG_9336 IMG_9351And before sunset, within 2 hours (eating a meal, a snack and reading a bit while the oven did its part) this was in the fridge. And for the culinary curious, these two mystery containers are full of Roasted Tomato Soup with garlic onion and herbs and Cold Cucumber Soup with dill and mint, respectively. The first is great in cold winter evenings and the second is best on a hot summer day. Fortunately for me during the day it is hot enough and at night it can get cool enough to eat all the seasons’ best food in one day. Long Live Saturdays! Viva La Nutrición!

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